A Review of the Liberty Health Net Income Opportunity

There is an endless list of suppliers of vitamins and weight loss in the market today. Most can be purchased at your local pharmacy or CNG at the mall. Some supermarkets even carry vitamins. A line they do not have: the vitamins and weight loss products that are offered through direct sales through Liberty Health Net.

Integrated in 2001, Liberty Health Net was founded by Jim Price, a man who seeks an easy and realistic way for ordinary people to earn money and find Sandra Bullock Net Worth. Now six years old, the company is selling in fifty countries around the world. There is no other additional information available about the company itself.

The company’s product line includes vitamins, weight loss pills, tea and skin care products. Each available product includes a detailed description of the product itself, and the benefits it offers. If applicable, a product label is also presented for the potential customer and distributor to see.

The product pages also include suggested usage guidelines and additional notes, as well as customer testimonials. The prices of the products are not found with each product. Instead, potential users should go to the ‘Marketing’ page and click on the link ‘Catalogs, brochures and flyers’ where a new page listing the various catalogs will open. Unfortunately, the links to the .PDF files do not seem to work.

According to the Liberty Health Net website, there are three ways a distributor can earn money by reselling the product. The first way is to buy an item monthly to use it or resell it to someone else. When you refer others to the company and they buy a product, you receive a commission for their sales. The more people who refer, the more money they will earn.

The second way is the business plan. When you buy a product of one hundred dollars or more, you can buy an additional product to sell for $ 10.00 to $ 20.00. This discounted product can be resold for the list price and retain the benefit. The third way is for established distributors. For each new distributor they sponsor, they receive a commission. According to the website, it only costs $ 30.00 to start, but what is included in that rate is not mentioned.

Liberty Health Net offers distributors four levels of ratings that summarize the amount of personal sales and the number of sponsors below them to qualify for each. The site also states that commission checks are sent in a timely manner on the twelfth of each month. Other services include examples of business presentations, business card templates, cover letters and free websites for the administrative department of the distributors. The website service has not been started by the company yet.

The website includes information on returns of products, extensive terms and conditions of the distributor, as well as a policy of not sending spam, without fax.

The products appear to have the same value compared to commercial products that can be purchased at the local pharmacy. The biggest drawback of the website is that there is no way to access the catalog and to know how much each product costs. This is an obstacle for anyone interested in the possibility of using the elements to help them determine whether Liberty Health Net is a good choice for their lives and can help them build a lucrative business.

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