Lauren Scala Height, Weight, Age, Net Worth In 2019

Lauren Scala is the name of one of the famous television journalists in the United States. Lauren is the New York City traffic reporter and plays her role in the ABC Wealth Point program titled “Today in New York” for the NBC channel.

Lauren Scala, born in the United States, has US citizenship and spent most of her life in the Big Apple. He spent most of his life in the New York Minneola area and completed his high school graduation from Mineola High School and then completed his undergraduate degree from Fordham University. The woman began her career in journalism as a television reporter and host of many small news and television programs.

He has also spent his time in famous film studios, such as the Metro Goldwyn Mayor and Dream Works Pictures. In 2009, Lauren also hosted the 52nd annual New York Emmy Awards. His first major on-screen appearance was for the 2010 entertainment program titled “City Scoop” for NYCTV.

As for her career at the WNBC, she started with her by presenting her live television show entitled “Interactive Trivia Game.” Now, climbing the ladder of her career, she is an important traffic television reporter for the program on the channel titled “New York Today.” On top of that, she is the host of the WNBC program titled “In the Wings.”

Lauren scala instagram

While many might think that she spends her time alone on the screen, but that is not true. Lauren was also inspired by her mother, who was a writer and also a writer. He has written many poems and articles for his school newspaper. His main interest or hobby is to participate in the reading and learning of current affairs. During his time at Ford ham University, he did a research work on current world affairs that earned him the recognition of his university’s highest honors.

While not much is known about her real net worth, she is one of the highest paid television journalists with an annual salary close to one million dollars.

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