Tonya Renee Banks net worth: How Rich Is Tonya In 2019?

Tonya Renee Banks net worth: $ 1 million
Tonya Renee Banks or more commonly known simply as Tonya Renee is the famous American actress of the film and television industry in the United States. The woman gained fame for being a dwarf actress who was born in the ABC Wealth Point on July 7, 1964.

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He joined the entertainment industry for the first time in 1984, where he began his career as a specialist. His first real acting concert was for the famous television series entitled “Little Women: LA”. This reality TV show was based on the dwarf women living in Los Angeles and showed ordinary people the vision of a dwarf’s life.

Even after obtaining public acclaim for this television series, Tonya suffered several violent reactions in the acting industry and performed minor roles in television series. His second important appearance on television was for the series entitled “Martin and Ally McBeal”, where he made a special appearance.

As for his film career, his first important role was in the film starring the legendary comedian Robin Williams entitled “Death To Smoochy.” The film was released in 2002 and led Tonya to get the role in the 2003 hit comedy movie titled “Bad Santa.” As for his most recent participation in the film industry, it was for the 2015 film entitled “The Internship Games”.

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So far, Tonya has only been nominated for several television awards, but her real goal is to one day win the Academy Award. While he has been in the entertainment world for more than 30 years and is considered among some of the oldest actresses, he still does not let his age dictate his life. She does her job passionately.

As for his personal life, Tonya has never married. She still had a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship with her lifelong boyfriend, Trevor. The main reason that their relationship remains strong is their daughter Angelique Johnson, who unlike her mother does not suffer from dwarfism ….

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